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Aman 3D scene

PostAuthor: Lúthien » Fri Jul 19, 2013 10:48 pm


some three - four years ago I experimented with 3D world / landscape creation, in particular with Opensimulator (opensim). This was an open source version of Second Life and has since then been developed further. I was fascinated by the idea of building some scenes from Valinor to how I imagine them, in particular the area around the Calacirya. I actually had something set up that looked not half bad, but it was technically all a bit of a hassle: since I hosted that simulation on my own computer, I could either go in there myself - or allow someone else in. But not together. In order to do this properly you need an external server, so that you can collaborate on a project like this.

Since a couple of years, Eryniel has been quite active on Opensimulator, and has become a very proficient builder. In a short while, she'll have a "sandbox" server available in which we could revive this project.

Meanwhile, I'm also experimenting with another technology to do something similar called RealXtend. There's a company in Finland that now offers free basic server accounts running a tailored version of RealXtend called Meshmoon. It's by far not as developed as Opensimulator is, but they are working hard on that. For now, I have imported my old Valinor height map (based on a map in the Atlas of Middle-Earth) in there and, well, you can go in there and walk around. But it's fairly primitive. If anyone's interested in either of these - to have a look, or to help building it, let us know!

You can enter the meshmoon simulation by either downloading a piece of software called "Rocket" at If you start it up, you'll see a list of virtual worlds, and "Aman" should be among those (if it is set to publicly available, I'm not certain atm). I think you will need to register first if you want to log into existing worlds or create one yourself: and I'm not certain whether the Aman simulation is open for others - but I can change that in any case if someone's interested.
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