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Theme For The Summer

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Theme For The Summer

PostAuthor: Tuilinde » Tue Jun 01, 2010 8:11 am

I have just been sent a story by Elizabeth Stephen about Elros and Elrond called The Choices of the Peredhil , which is very powerful, but at 14 pages, a bit too long for the Forum. (Anyone who would like to read it email me at tuilinde@talktalk.net and I'll send it.)

This has inspired me to suggest a Theme for the Summer - up to September - of Siblings.
This could be in first or third person, could refer to any siblings in Tolkien's corpus - and could be stretched to cousins if you wanted to do Hurin and Huor, or Turin and Tuor - and can be prose or poetry and as short or long as you wish.

I hope someone might have time during the Summer to create something for us all to study and enjoy.
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