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which style do you favour?

Re: which style do you favour?

PostAuthor: Mithrennaith » Wed Jan 13, 2010 12:22 am

I have the same problem as Parthgilien in seeing the styles, other than setting them through the User Panel.

Well, Theme 1 is ‘prosilver’, obviously, and Theme 2 is ‘subsilver’ as stated. I’m deducing Theme 3 is ‘1thank_green’, Theme 4 is ‘Attriuum’ and Theme 5 is ‘fae_forest_1.0.5.’.

I find myself in agreement with Tuilindë. I like the ‘fae_forest’ theme, after some thought I do not like the quasi-nature themes ‘1thank_green’ and ‘Attriuum’ (what a horrible word, by the way). I find the nature-elements in both the later two strike me as artificial ways of trying to soften some industrial design. In ‘1thank_green’ it reminds me of a 1970’s pre-fab kitchen, in ‘Attriuum’ of a funeral parlour.

So I will set ‘fae_forest’ for now, and probably alternate with ‘prosilver’ for features not available in the other.
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